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How Can I Protect My Pool From a Winter Storm?

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Though Texas is not known for its freezes, we have had to deal with much colder inclement weather in recent years. In February, a winter storm, the likes of which Texas rarely sees, hit the Austin area. Schools and businesses shut down, roads became impassable and we all suffered rolling blackouts.

Pools that are not ready for cold weather can suffer damage that requires expensive repairs. That means preparation is a high priority for Central Texas pool owners. At Reliable Pool Care LLC, we want to help you get the most out of your pool. So, we have created a list of things pool owners can do to help protect their pool when a winter storm rears its ugly head.

Protecting My Pool From a Winter Storm

  • Circulate your pool’s water. One of the best ways to protect your pool in cold weather is simply by running your equipment. Water that is moving is less likely to freeze, so if you run your pool’s pumps and other equipment in freezing temperatures, it should prevent freezing. Start running your equipment at night when temperatures are coldest. And once the cold weather is gone, return to your normal running patterns.
  • Install a freeze protector. This works a lot like running your equipment at night except it can turn on the water flow whenever the temperature dips below a certain threshold. The protector uses a sensor to read the temperature. When the temperature falls below your settings, the protector will turn on its connected system to automatically circulate your pool water. Do you want to learn more about how a system like this works? Check out our other blog about hard freezes. People with freeze guards must also test them yearly to make sure the freeze guard works, contact us and we can help test it for you or give instructions on how to test it.
  • Heat your pool. Not only does having a pool heater keep your pool from freezing, but it can also keep your pool warm enough to swim in most of the year (approximately 7 to 8 months). If you like swimming, you cannot find a better investment.
  • Insulate your pipes. Wrapping your pipes is another way to protect your pool from damage in a winter storm. Usually, this isn’t necessary in Texas because winters are usually mild. However, with these new winter storms on the horizon, being ready couldn’t hurt. Wrap your pipes up if you hear about a winter storm coming.

Call the Pool Care Specialists Trusted Through Out the Austin Area

A powerful winter storm has the potential to cost pool owners thousands of dollars in repairs. A little bit of preparation now can help you avoid expensive fixes later. At Reliable Pool Care LLC, we have experience helping customers with their winter prep needs. We can install the equipment you need to help ensure that your pool survives the winter. Rely on our care, and call (512) 829-0546 or fill out our online contact form.

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