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Freeze misfortune can be a positive

Pool Pump and Filter Pipes

Austin’s beautiful weather allows us to enjoy all the wonderful things this great city has to offer. True to the saying, “if you don’t like the weather, stick around for a minute, it will change”, Austin did not disappoint last week. We all went on a wild roller coaster ride through several seasons, in only one week.

Bone chilling temperatures allowed for pipes and equipment, all over town, to freeze and crack. If you were one of the unfortunate people who got caught off guard by the sustained freeze, take advantage of the opportunity to make improvements to your pool system.

There are many pool builders in town and they all do things differently. Some do a real good job when they plumb your equipment set, others are content by simply closing the loop, regardless of equipment position. This is where the potential problems begin. If your pool builder sub-contracted the plumbing job to a plumber and not a pool plumber, it’s possible the equipment was improperly plumbed. It is also possible for the plumbing to be plumbed in such a way as to make it inefficient for water flow. If your plumbing looks like spaghetti, and cracked due to the freeze your equipment set could benefit from a complete replumb.

Pool plumbingReplumbing your equipment set could increase water flow. This, in turn, will increase the overall circulation of the pool which is crucial for sanitation and oxidation of biological and environmental debris. Another benefit to replumbing your equipment set is less energy consumption and equipment stress. Better water flow and less restriction leads to less equipment wear and tear. Ultimately giving you a better, more refreshing bathing experience.

In the event pool equipment, such as the filter pump, is compromised, there can be a good side to that as well. There has been major improvements to design and efficiency for filter pumps in the last few years. If your pool pump is over seven years old and was compromised by the freeze last week, then you should take advantage of the situation by investing in a new energy efficient, larger capacity pool pump.

You can replace components of your existing pump with relative ease and depending on component, minimal money. You would still be left with a less efficient, outdated pump without a warranty. The cost of a new pump will pay itself over the next few years in energy consumption and physical labor dealing with an improperly circulated pool body.

Pools can and will be a hassle when any part of the system isn’t working properly. Maintaining, not only, the pool, but the equipment will change your perception of pool ownership and allow you to enjoy the many benefits of having a pool in the first place.

Reliable Pool Care keeps a constant eye on the weather and is always ready to help when the weather presents the opportunity to make better choices for your pool.

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