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cartridge filterIf you have a cartridge filter, it’s a good idea to keep records on how often they are cleaned. Because cleaning your cartridge filter requires actually breaking down the filter. You may need to set aside about one hour for this task. Most times the elements require a quick hosing down with a standard garden hose. If, however, they look like the picture above, they may require a chemical soak. Most pool supply stores should carry filter cleaning solutions. Follow manufacture’s directions.
Cartridge filters are wonderful filters and provide excellent clarity to your pool’s water. With regular maintenence, your elements should last for two to three years. Stray from the maintenence schedule and you will struggle maintaining your pool’s beauty, and endure costly replacement charges. The elements pictured above can cost upwards of $100.00 ea.
As a general rule, Reliable Pool Care recommends that they be cleaned out once a month during the swim season and every other month during the cooler months.

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